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*Inspiration~ Realization* Making a Reproduction Grain Sack.

The end result~ (first..hee hee, and I did not change the saturation of this photo, my home is actually in those grey tones.).I gashed up a large piece of pine, stained it a barn wood color, and drove large antique nails into it. Now what started this whole thing, was the grey linen grainsack I made. Here it is finished. 
So this is what started the inspiration for my project! I saw this grey linen grainsack on google, and it was perfect!! I happened to have quite a bit of linen on hand so...
 I sewed a large long sack, and then I dyed it in india ink. I quickly folded the sack in half to press a quick center line, and then put masking tape on either side of the center fold mark, and worked my way side to side from there. 
 I made up a batch of grey purple acrylic paint, and lightly stippled it on. 
Once it dried, I removed the tape and lightly sanded the lines down. Be careful not to sand to much to make a hole. Then I quickly sanded the whole sack.
TA-DA! I am thrilled with how it turned out. It looks just like the one I saw, and I saved myself 
lots of money. 

***Have a blessed day!***

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