Easy Craft of The Day 2- Candlestick & Tray Tiers

Organize your craft room with this old fashioned catch-all!
-Here I have painted black stickers white and rubbed the paint off for easy aged lettering.
-Determine the center point for each candlestick by placing the candlesticks on ahead of time, measuring on each side of the round to ensure the distance is the same on all sides. Score the circle along the edge with a pencil.
-Also ensure the drawers are paralell by marking a little vertical line on the candlestick and on the tray to be able to line up quickly after the glue is applied.
Then fill with your favorite things~
Enjoy the day :)

Easy Craft of the Day- Frame & Crate Cupboard

Super easy to do! All you need is a frame the same size or slightly larger than the crate opening, chicken wire, wire for the hinge; either a staple gun or eyelets & a hammer to attach the chicken wire, paint.
Instead of staples, I opted to twist in eyelets and bang them flat with a hammer to stretch and hold the chicken wire. Wear gloves when handling the chicken wire!
Looks so country on the countertop!
Have a great day~

Find of the day*

I found this armchair at the thrift store for 10$, and it is in almost new condition!
(Green hue from camera, not fabric)
I hoisted it up onto the roof of my car and brought it home~

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