Free Primitive Cross Stitch Pattern, 150 followers ~Thank You~

150 followers! This is a little thank you present! Click twice to enlarge. Alter the brightness or contrast to print if necessary. ( You may alter the pattern only by lowering the word "harvest"  a bit if you wish.)There are 5 colors- brown, blue, green and mustard, black.  You may choose to change these colors.
*You may sell goods with this pattern, but not the pattern itself;  and include Pamela Dervarits Primitives as the designer.  Woohoo! another freebee at 200 followers~  what will it be?
**Made something with this pattern? Leave your link here if you wish!! I would love to see your finished goodes!!
I want to also say that there are still a few blogs which I am unable to leave comments on. Please know that I have been following your posts, and love what I see. Have a great week!
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Christine said...

What a lovely gift and wonderful pattern! Thanks so much - I'll be sure to stitch it up and post a picture on my blog!
Best wishes

Angela said...

Congrats on reaching 150 followers and thanks for sharing the pattern. I have never done counted cross stitch but its on my list to learn after our craft show in Sept. Its the only show we do so once finished I am going to learn a few new crafts. Love this one and it will be perfect for the holiday. Have a great week
Thru Nanas Window

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Thanks for the pattern!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful~ oh, wish I could stitch~ okay wish I had the patience~ giggles~
hugs to you~sweet girl~

Vivi said...

lovely pattern, thanks a lot !

Giovinetta said...

a cute pattern to bring in summer travel...
Thank you a lot, I keep your blog's name to publish it

Sylvied 57 said...

Merci. Beaucoup pour tous ces cadeaux. It's wonderful!!!!!

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