Colonial Sugar Cones - Day 26

~ Today's colonial fall craft idea, day 26 in my Halloween countdown series is: make colonial sugar cones~
How to make sugar cones:
- You will need fresh brown sugar, a completely dry beer glass, a small glass for testing, a teaspoon, and a small plate;
- To decorate you will need coffee dyed cheese cloth, twine.
1. Place 3/4 of your new sugar in a bowl. Why 3/4? In case you over-wet the batch, you may dry it up by adding the last bit.
2. Add a sprinkle of water. Cream the water thoroughly into the sugar with the back of a spoon.
3. Test it. With a small glass, pack in, flip over onto a plate. Loosen off. Does it come out easily or stay stuck in the glass? The latter means the sugar is too wet. Does it fall apart or hold together well?
4. Replace sugar, make any necessary adjustments.
5. Fill bottom of beer glass, pack well as you go. Especially the bottom of glass, so you end up with a nice smooth cone top.
6. Check for air pockets as you go, by looking through the glass; level with top of glass, pack well, smooth with back of spoon.
7. Place plate on top of glass, turn over. Give the glass a good pat. Gently remove glass.
8. Do not disturb for a couple of days. It will turn hard, at which point you may remove from the plate, and decorate with cheesecloth.
Because there are no chemicals added, this sugar cone is usable! Shave off the sugar with a knife, like in colonial times...... display on the table, upon a pewter plate when having guests....
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